Komodo Speedboat tours from Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is located in the East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. It is a small town where you can start your Komodo tours. Komodo speedboat tours from Labuan Bajo are the best choice to explore Komodo in one day.

Komodo Tours and Travel is the place where you can book your tour packages to Komodo National Park. You can choose any tour that suits your travel budget, from day tours to overnight tour packages.

Most of the Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo depart in the morning. However, some of them can start the trip mid-day. Private and shared arrangements are available every day.

Tours on a speedboat are one of the best tours to book, especially if you do not have enough time on your holiday. You can book these types of tours to complete your holiday activities. These tours are only available from Labuan Bajo.

Best Komodo speedboat tours to book

Komodo Wisata Tours offers some speedboat tour arrangements from Labuan Bajo. The tour on a speedboat is not provided for Komodo tours from Bali. However, you can book a private Phinisi boat from Bali.

A Komodo tour on a speedboat will be more convenient compared to an overnight tour. You will enjoy a comfortable speedboat with professional boat crews. All of the boats are standard international safety.

Below are the best speedboat tours to book:
  1. Full-day shared speedboat. The tour will depart in the morning at 06.00 am and will finish at 05.00 pm. Depending on the sea condition, it can arrive late in Labuan Bajo. This tour package will allow you to visit 6 places in Komodo National Park.
  2. One Day Private Komodo speedboat tour. This tour package will be served in private and you can go on a maximum of 10 boat capacity. You can also choose your own places to visit.

The above speedboat tours are the most popular to book. You may prefer activities to do like diving, snorkeling, or fishing trips.

Komodo Speedboat Tour Price

Komodo speedboat tours are varied, depending on your travel style. If you go on a private Komodo Tours Islands, the price will be more expensive. Meanwhile, if you go on a share boat, it will cost you less.

Komodo Tours Pulau also offers the best price for a speedboat tour. The price ranges from $150 per person. If you go on a private speedboat tour, it will be $2000 per boat, depending on the quality of the boat service.

Our Tours Komodo Island is one of the best day tours to book for those who are looking for a great adventure. You are able to visit 6 or more places including Rinca Island in Komodo National Park. Let us know if you are interested in our Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo.

Recommended Places to Visit on a Speedboat Trip to Komodo

There are many beautiful places to visit in Komodo National Park. The main purpose of these tour packagers is to visit Komodo Dragons in their wildlife. Our top Komodo tours accommodate all types of tour packages to Komodo National Park.

Below are the recommended places you can visit:
  1. Padar Island
  2. Komodo island
  3. Pink Sand beach
  4. Manta Point
  5. Taka Makasar
  6. Kanawa Island

You can also customize visits to other places, especially if you book on a private Komodo speedboat tour.

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